Battery Health Check


Car batteries are an essential component of your vehicle. They provide the power needed to start the engine and keep all the electrical systems running. Without a functioning battery, your car simply won't work.

AUToTEX Garage in Weston-Super-Mare have you covered if you're experiencing issues with your car battery. A dead or failed battery can leave you on the side of the road or lead to other problems with your car's electrical systems.

Brilliant quick customer service. Had my car battery replaced. Pawel couldn’t do enough. Definitely recommend and have a service booked in for the new year. Good prices too 😁

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Why Batteries Fail

There are many reasons causing battery failure. The most common ones are described below.

Cold weather

Cold temperatures can reduce a battery's ability to hold a charge, making it more prone to failure.

Hot weather

Hot temperatures can cause the battery's fluid to evaporate, leading to reduced performance.

Sulphation and acid stratification

These are common issues that can occur when a battery is not used regularly or because of short-distance driving. They cause the acid to either collect too much lead sulphate (Sulphation) or settle down and form layers (Stratification).

Deep cycling

Car batteries are designed to be charged while the car is running and to provide power to the electrical systems when the car is turned off. However, if the car is left with the lights on or other electrical systems running, the battery may discharge. Batteries are not meant to be constantly discharged and recharged (deep cycling). This can cause the positive active material to break off the plates and collect at the bottom of the battery, leading to failure.


Overcharging can occur if there are problems with the vehicle's charging system or alternator. It can also happen if incorrect equipment or procedures are used when charging the battery off the vehicle. When this occurs, the battery may overheat. This can cause the electrolyte to evaporate and damage the positive plates. It can also lead to reduced performance and premature failure of the battery.


If a battery is not charged enough, it can't hold a sufficient charge and may not work properly.

Reduced usage

If a car is not used frequently, the battery may not be charged regularly and can become damaged or fail.

Battery Health Check

Battery Health Check At AUToTEX

We perform a battery health check to determine if your battery can be recharged or needs replacing. This can save you time and money by identifying potential issues before they become major problems. Our equipment can perform this service and provide you with the necessary guidance.

I’ve been using Pawel now for a few years and would never go anywhere else. I have a lot of trust in him and have never felt I’ve been ripped off. He is a honest and reliable mechanic. Highly recommend him.

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Quality Car Batteries at a Good Price

At AUToTEX, we offer a range of high-quality batteries. This includes traditional lead-acid, maintenance-free, and high-performance batteries. Our team can help you choose the right battery for your car and install it.
Our team at AUToTEX in Weston-Super-Mare is always here to provide honest and reliable advice about the best car parts and repair options. We want to ensure that you get the best value for your money and that your car is running smoothly and safely on the road.
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